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  1. It is not easy ____ the answer to the difficult math problem.

  A. to figure out B. figuring out C. figure out D. being figured out

  【答案】A. 本题考查的是it 作形式主语,真正的主语是to do。这种句型很常见,例如:It’s difficult to find a job these days. 如今找一份工作很难。

  2. He has already made up his mind. It’s no use_____ him.

  A. try to persuade B. trying to persuade

  C. to try to persuade D. to try persuading

  【答案】B It is no use doing sth.“作某事没有用”是固定搭配。Ing做真正主语。

  3. ____ is one of good properties of this metal.

  A. Light in weight B. Having been light in weight

  C. Be light in weight D. Being light in weight

  【答案】D 主语应该是名词性质,因此排除A项,因为light 是形容词;也排除C 项,be light in weight 不能作为名词词性;而此句陈述的是客观真理,应该用一般现在时而不是完成时, 所以选D项。D项意为“质量轻 ”,in 表示“在某方面 ”,weight “质量,重量 ”;句意为“重量轻是这种金属的优良特征之一。”

  4. It's necessary for them ____ another chance.

  A. to give B. to be given C. being given D. giving

  【答案】B 再给他们一次机会是很重要的。不定式作主语。

  5. It's necessary to be prepared for a job interview. ________ the answers ready will be of great help.

  A. To have had B. Having had C. Have D. Having

  【答案】D 面试之前有必要做好准备,提前准备好答案会很有帮助。Ing形式做主语。

  6. We shall appreciate ____ from you soon.

  A. being heard B. hearing C. to hear D. having been heard

  【答案】B。appreciate+doing:“感谢,欣赏”。此处hear from sb:从……收到来信,应该用主动语态,后面的sb.是hear from的宾语,故A,C和D项不对。

  7. Don’t risk ___ the job which so many people want.

  A. losing B. to lose C. lost D. your life to lose


  8. The scientist didn’t mind_____ and went on with his investigation.

  A. laughing at B. to be laughed at

  C. being laughed at D. laughed at

  【答案】C mind doing sth.“介意”是固定搭配;而此处科学家是被嘲笑的对象,是“介意被嘲笑”,所以选被动式C项being laughed at.

  9. John suggested ____ anything about it until they found out more facts.

  A. not to say B. saying not C. to say not D. not saying

  【答案】D suggest后面只能用 doing,不能用to do,否定副词not的位置应该在doing之前。

  10. I really appreciate ________ to relax with you on this nice island.

  A. to have had time B. having time

  C. to have time D. to having time

  【答案】B。appreciate doing

  11. He forgot about ___ him to attend my wife’s birthday party.

  A. I asking B. my asking C. me to ask D. mine to ask

  【答案】B forget(about)后面应该接名词、从句或动名词(复合结构)作宾语,此时其逻辑主语要用所有格形式,即“物主代词/名词所有格形式+动名词”结构。故选B项。

  12. We all feel sorry for ___ for so long after your arrival.

  A. keep you waiting B. having kept you waiting

  C. waiting for you D. keep you wait

  【答案】B。介词后面要跟动名词做宾语,当动名词的动作在谓语动词所表示的动作之前发生时,要用动名词的完成式。Thank you for having helped me so much.感谢你给了我这么多的帮助。

  13. Because of the heavy rain, they had to put off ______the sports meet.

  A. taking place B. to take place C. holding D. to hold


  14. The whole afternoon was spent in___ games on computer. That’s to say, he wasted the whole afternoon in __ nothing worth at all.

  A. playing, doing B. playing, to do C. to play, doing D. to play, to do


  15. Mr. Zhang insisted on _________ abroad for further study.

  A. sending B. be sent C. being sent D. send


  16. Do you feel like_____ today? (QE04-11-23)

  A. having something eaten

  B. having something to eat

  C. to have something eaten

  D. to have something to eat

  【答案】B feel like doing sth:想要做某事,固定搭配。have sth. to eat吃点儿东西。因此B为正确答案。本句的意思为:“今天想吃点什么?”

  17. You don’t know about the difficulty I had ______ the work then at all.

  A. done B. to do C. for doing D. in doing

  【答案】B此题考查的是固定用法have difficulty (in) doing sth,属于对动名词用法的考察。

  18.I know it’s not important, but I can’t help __about it.

  A. to think B. and think C. thinking D. being thought

  【答案】C。can’t help doing禁不住做某事。我知道这不重要,但是禁不住还是想着它。

  19. Sandy could do nothing but ____ to his teacher that he was wrong.

  A. admit B. admitted C. admitting D. to admit

  【答案】A。姗迪只能向老师承认他错了。do nothing but do只能做某事。

  20. The party they invited us to turned out _______a great success.

  A. to be B. like C. as D. to do

  【答案】A。他们邀请我们参加的那个晚会很成功。Turn out to be结果是

  21. I am considering ___my job as I’m not getting on well with my boss.

  A. changing B. to change C. changed D. to be changed

  【答案】A consider后面接动名词做宾语,表“考虑做某事”;consider sb./sth. to do表“认为”。因此A为正确答案。本句的意思是:“我正在考虑换工作,因为我和老板关系不太好。”如:We are considering learning a foreign language.我们正在考虑学一门外语。

  22. Charles Babbage is generally considered ______ the first computers.

  A. to invent B. inventing C. to have invented D. having invented

  【答案】C此题考查的是非谓语动词中不定式的用法。Be considered/said/ believed to do 表示:据认为/据说/据相信做……,而后面的动作若已经发生,则用完成时表示,故选to have invented.

  23. Mary regretted ___ to John’s birthday party last Sunday.

  A. not going B. not to go C. not having been going D. not to be going


  24. I regret _______ you that we are unable to offer you a job.

  A. in forming B. having informed C. to inform D. to informing

  【答案】C。regret to do sth.遗憾做某事。我很遗憾的告诉你我们不能给你这份工作。

  25. In some parts of London, missing a bus means _______ for another hour.

  A. waiting B. to wait C. wait D. to be waiting

  【答案】A。means doing意味着。在伦敦的某些地方,错过汽车意味着再等一个小时。

  26. I meant _________ you, but I was so busy.

  A. to call on B. calling on C. to call at D. calling at

  【答案】A。mean to do打算做某事。我打算给你打电话的,但是我很忙。

  27. He remembered ____ to the zoo by his father when he was little.

  A. being taken B. taking C. have been taken D. to have taken

  【答案】A 句意为“他记得小时候被爸爸带到动物园去.”由于他是被带者,因此应当用被动式,选A.关于remember的搭配有remember doing sth, 指“记得做某事”,并且已经做了,或者remember to do sth, 指记得要去做某事,而这件事情尚未完成。

  28. As she is looking forward to ________ from me, please remember ________ this letter on your way to school.

  A. hear, post B. hearing, to post

  C. be heard, posting D. be hearing, to posting

  【答案】B 因为她正盼望着收到我的来信,记得上学路上把信寄出去。Look forward to doing sth.盼望做某事。Remember to do sth.记得做某事。

  29. In a few weeks' time we ________ them ________ the forest.

  A. stop, destroying B. stopped, to destroy

  C. will stop, to destroy D. will stop, destroying

  【答案】D 几个星期后,我将阻止他们破会森林。stop doing阻止某人做某事。

  30. The bus didn't stop _________ up the passengers, because it was full.

  A. to pick B. pick C. picking D. picked

  【答案】A stop to do停下来去做某事。汽车没有停下来让乘客上课,因为车满了。

  31. The old man is used to ___ early in the morning.

  A. exercise B. exercising C. exercised D. exercises

  【答案】B。be used to doing sth.:现在习惯于做…。句中的to是介词,因此后面接动名词。区别于used to do(过去习惯于)。

  32. You don’t object ____ you by your first name, do you?

  A. for me to call B. me to call C. my calling D. me calling

  【答案】C object做动词表示“反对”的意义时后面应该接动名词(复合结构),故排除A,B. 而object与动名词之间有代词时,应该用名词所有格或物主代词,其中名词所有格或物主代词是动名词的逻辑主语。而D项me 是宾格,故排除D. 正确答案选C. 句意是“你不反对我叫你的名字,是不是?”

  33. Mr. Reed made up his mind to devote all he had to _______ some schools for poor children.

  A. set up B. setting up C. have set up D. having set up

  【答案】B。瑞得先生决心把所有财产投入为贫穷孩子修建学校的事业当中。devote to doing投入于。

  34. —How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers?

  —The key _______ the problem is to meet the demand _______ by the customers.

  A. to solving, making B. to solving, made

  C. to solve, making D. to solve, made

  【答案】B。你如何处理公司和客户之间的分歧。解决问题的关键是满足客户的要求。the key to doing做某事的关键。Demand和make之间是被动关系。所以选择B。

  35.We are looking forward to___the film____at the Grand Cinema.

  A. seeing;to show B. see;shown C. seeing;shown D. see;to show

  【答案】C。Look forward to doing sth.盼望做某事。我们非常盼望看在大影院上映的电影。

  36. The question_____ at the meeting tomorrow is very important.

  A. to discuss B. being discussed C. to be discussed D. will be discussed

  【答案】C 本题考查非谓语动词的用法。本句为动词不定式的被动式做定语,表示将要发生的动作。

  37. The way I thought of _____ the animal was of great value.

  A. protecting B. protect C. being protected D. to protect

  【答案】D我提出的那个保护动物的方法非常有价值。不定式做定语修饰The way。

  38. Reading is an experience quite different from watching TV; there are pictures ____ in your mind instead of before your eyes.

  A. to form B. form C. forming D. having formed


  39. There may be, somewhere outside the solar system, intelligent life____ messages to us.

  A. sends B. sent C. sending D. has sent

  【答案】C 两个逗号中间为插入语,在分析句子结构时,可以省略;略去后得There may be intelligent life ___messages to us.因此后面的部分应该是intelligent life 的定语,选sending,相当于(that is )sending…; 全句意为“在太阳西外的某处,可能有某种正在项我们发送信息的有智慧的生命。”

  40.——The last one ________ pays the meal.


  A. arrived B. arrives C. to arrive . D. arriving


  41. John, ___the bet, had to pay for the dinner.

  A. lost B. having lost C. losing D. having loss

  【答案】B 此句测试分词短语的用法。分词短语的完成时表已经,做原因状语。本句的意思是:“约翰因为打赌输了,只好付饭钱。”

  42. He is a student at Oxford University, ________ for a degree-in computer science.

  A. studied B. studying

  C. to have studied D. to be studying


  43. Three people, ___, were injured in the accident.

  A. including a child B. include a child

  C. included a child D. includes a child

  【答案】A。include的现在分词或过去分词常可以引起一个短语,在句子中起解释作用。此短语可放在句末,用逗号与其他句子成分分开。Ten people were killed in the crash, including the pilot.十人在飞机失事中遇难,其中包括飞行员。因此A是正确答案。

  44. The fisherman, ___ poor, could not buy another boat.

  A. is B. was C. being D. been

  【答案】C。分词短语作原因状语。本句的意思是“因为穷,这个渔夫买不起另一条船。”Being so angry, he couldn’t go to sleep.因为太生气了,他不能入睡。

  45. Suddenly, a tall man driving a golden carriage______ the girl and took her away, _____into the woods.

  A. seizing; disappeared B. seized; disappeared

  C. seizing; disappearing D. seized; disappearing


  46. ___ in the air, fuels give off heat.

  A. To burn B. Burned C. To be burned D. Being burned

  【答案】B分词做状语。fuel是burn的宾语,因此使用被动式;前半句相当于省略了的状语从句,全句为When fuels are burned in the air, fuels give off heat.

  47. ____ from space, our earth, with water covering 70% of its surface, appears a “blue planet”.

  A. Seen B. Seeing C. To be seen D. Having seen

  【答案】A 本题考察非谓语动词;see 的逻辑主语是句子的主语,即the earth, 是see (看)这个动作的对象,二者之间为动宾关系,所以应该用被动式。

  48. ________ by the beauty of nature, the girl from London decided to spend another two days on the farm.

  A. Attracting B. Attracted C. To be attracted D. Having attracted

  【答案】B 被美景吸引,因此选被动

  49. They sent us their statement, ___ to get our support.

  A. hoped B. to hope C. hoping D. having hoped

  【答案】C如果选A项,则它前面应有and,与主句构成并列关系. 排除A. to get our support本身即表示目的,没有必要再在前面加上不定式to hope表示目的,故排除B.而D项表示完成,从句没有完成的意思.故选C,现在分词短语作伴随状语. 句意是“他们给我们发了声明,希望获得我们的支持.”

  50. When asked why he went there, he said he was sent there ______for a space flight.

  A. training B. being trained C. to have trained D. to be trained


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